A New Season (Our Vision for the future)

In case you hadn’t noticed, I skipped winter. Winters are dark and cold and everything hibernates, reflecting. Things die in preparation of a new birth come spring. I feel as though it is a time for some things in me to hibernate and some to die. I also need a new birth come spring. So now, as spring approaches here at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, I begin again.

Nenamusa is calling. We are in early preparation for another big move. Our dependence on Him has deepened and God has faithfully provided. Talan has had lots of work, as have I as we care for and nurture 5 kids. Yes, we are caring for 5 kids. Because of a family emergency at the beginning of the year, the oppportunity arose for us to foster our 3 year old niece.  She is still with us, for possibly the next 2 months or more. There is much the Lord has been teaching us through this time. But the biggest thing is that when we GET to do His work, then He is faithful to give us all that we need. Not just physical things, but emotional and spiritual things. This work has been challenging, but so rewarding. 

And now I will attempt to share with you what we will be doing. I feel as though we are looking into a dimly lit room, where only a few things are visible, but nothing has a definite shape. We know God is leading us to go and that He will define more as we walk in obedience and faith. Here is the vision: there are 40+ acres in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon that God gave to a man named Dave 20 years ago. He does not claim this property to be his own, but God’s, and therefore anyone who belongs to God. It is a refuge, a place of nurture and rest (this is the translation of the original Native American name, Nenamusa). A place to commune with God in silence. A place for healing. Right now, there has been a lot of work done in preparation, but the main buildings still need to be built. There will be an organic garden, and hopefully some livestock or other farm animals. The hope is to be self-sustaining and living off the land. 

Right now we are in Severance, Colorado but plan to be in Oregon by June 1st of this year. The building season for the rain soaked Oregon property is through the summer, so we hope to get a lot done before the rains begin again. Our plan is to rent a house in McMinnville, OR, which is an hour drive from the mountain property, so that we can be a part of the church body there, and get to know the community. Once the buildings are complete & we have a team of people to join us, we will live full time at the property. Of course, we make our plans, but God directs our steps, so we hold all these things with open hands. 

We desire for people to come without distractions, and get alone with God to really hear Him. To hear Him in the green trees, to see him in the plants and to hear him in the river. There is much work to be done before we will be able to open Nenamusa for people to come and stay. This is still the beginning in a way. It is a start to accomplish the work of the Lord on a land that was consecrated to Him for His use many years ago. We need a team of people to help us build, not only the buildings and the grounds, but to build and prepare a place for the Lord to minister to the hurting, the lost, the broken, the disillusioned, the burn-out leaders, the overworked, the under appreciated, the children of God who need a touch from their Daddy. Also, since we will be missionary status (not getting paid for the work we are starting), we will be in need of financial support. Will you help us? Will you pray for us? Will you partner with us? If you feel led by the Lord to join us in any way, please contact us! There is much work to be done and the possibilities are limitless, so also please let us know if God is calling you to be a part of our team! Be brave!

To learn more about this ministry opportunity please email wardenmissions@gmail.com

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