Story and vision

  • The Beginning:Our story began in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where we both grew up. In 2007, we met at a church and were married soon after. The next 8 years consisted of of counseling, having children, much personal growth and training with Elijah House Ministries. Our first 4 children were all born there and now we are looking forward to #5, a little girl!
  • The Vision:We have both felt the call into missions from before we were wed and again as a couple. Our hearts are to help bring unity among believers, restore families through biblical counseling and community, and support and encourage ministries and churches.
  • The Desert Pilgrimage:In 2015 we knew the time had come to leave our hometown, families and friends and begin our “pilgrimage.” And so, with a job and community in mind, we packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado. Shortly after arriving, things did not pan out the way we had planned. It was soon apparent that God was bringing us into a desert season where faith could be built. During that first winter we experienced a lot of isolation, miraculous healing, and provision from the Lord. God was sustaining us and our trust in Him and each other grew immensely.
  • Vision of Retreat Center: It was during this time that God gave us a vision for a community retreat center that would bring healing and restoration to believers. As Talan was about to meet with a land broker in March 2016, God stopped him and gave him the vision of an elderly man with a big property who needed help, and that is where we were supposed to start this retreat center. Just 3 months later, we received a call from Hanna’s dad who was Director of Elijah House at the time. A man had been calling asking for help to build a retreat center…in Oregon. Dave Mickey was that elderly man with the property looking for help. An exact answer to the vision God had given Talan. Warden Missions was established.
  • Preparation: The next year consisted of helping with family, Talan’s brother moved in with us and we took in our 4 year old niece during a crisis, working hard and preparing to move across states again to Oregon. During this time, God began to really highlight the desire and need to put our marriage and our family above work and ministry.
  • McMinnville, OR.: In June 2017 we made the move here. This last year and a half have been amazing.
    Community relationship building
    Working on the mountain Property
    Serving at NWH -worship team, Sunday school, freedom classes, soonK to come: Young Adult Ministry
    Relying on God for provision all along the way.

Challenged to keep family first and to trust God with financial provision and direction for every step of the way. Looking forward to whatever God has for us in the future!

We plan, but God directs our steps.

Proverbs 16: 9 TPT: “Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.”

2 thoughts on “Story and vision

  1. So good to hear of your faith building and experiences. The story of Talan’s vision of the land gave me chills. Praying for God’s best for you and the family.


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